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Introducing Greeniiac!

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

With the pandemic everywhere and the news about it all over providing a stake to our mental health and causing trouble to the lives of many; we are here to give some good news!

The Greeniiac is an emerging startup by young minds with great vision. And it is an initiative to provide value to the people, especially to the farmers and fisheries. As we think they and their problems are hardly noticed and rarely taken into account, we are here to voice this out to the right people.

What do we do?

  • We think that farmers are to be worshipped. And we think their problems and struggles should be heard and seen.

  • Our team with your help will extend support and help them in every possible way.

  • Also, we think that they deserve more despite the tiny column in the newspaper and magazines.

  • We will spread the word about their issues and struggles to the right people such as NGOs, SHGs, and volunteers who will do the needful to them.

What does our magazine have for you?

  • The main goal of our magazine is to make it reach students and children, and thus we deliver the news especially to you in the form of comics.

  • We curate our magazine with weekly news on fisheries and farmers, their recent wins, struggles, and problems.

  • Also, we think that their hard work should be brought to the limelight. Hence we celebrate and appreciate them by featuring anyone of the farmer and fishery in our magazine.

  • We welcome any new ideas and innovations regarding the improvisation to the welfare of the farmers and fisheries.

You can help and contribute to us by bringing out their issues and problems to us. And if you think a farmer and fishery in your locality deserve to be celebrated, you can connect to us and share with us their wins and achievements.

Subscribe to our weekly magazine to stay updated about our works. Also, do comment down below and share your thoughts and opinions.

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