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Greeniiac is Back!

Sometimes you fall down, because there is something down there you need to find..

Warm Greetings, from Team Greeniiac!

We heard you through the air - “Where is Greeniiac? What happened to them?”. And, yea.. As you see, WE ARE BACK now!

We are a few student innovators working together, to bring an impact to the society, over the way problems of farmers and fishermen are dealt with. We learnt a lot before starting this journey, and it multiplied more than 100 times once we stepped into it. Yet, we never had the best lesson, until we fell down.

It’s not falling down that counts, but raising up does. We have learnt from our successful failure, and have realised how to make a successful breakout now. We have filled the gaps, with powerful actions and empty spaces, with impactful messages. We at the Greeniiac, are back on the stage, for the spotlight once again.

We have come up with new ideas - including letter campaigns, podcasts, interesting social media posts, and many exciting and intriguing activities. We have something more interesting coming up within a week.

Stay on a constant touch with our social media pages, to know more!

PS ~ Veezhven endru ninaithayo.. :-)

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TechieGen HQ
TechieGen HQ
Jun 13, 2022


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