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Agriculture to Commercial - The Falling Empire

Agriculture provides a living for the majority of India's population and is referred to as the "Backbone of Indian Economy." The most crucial part of agricultural production is farming land. Land is the most cost-effective asset for farmers in terms of revenue generation. India has 159.7 million hectares of arable land, which is suited for 15 climatic zones. According to statistics, agricultural land accounts for 60.35 percent of India's total land area. Despite the fact that farmlands represent the economic backbone of many rural and suburban towns, they are, however, in threat. Due to fast population growth and rising demand, agricultural fields are being converted into residential and commercial properties. As a result, agricultural land availability is reduced significantly, posing a danger to food security. If this trend continues, people's demands will not be met in the near future due to scarcity of lands. Furthermore, farmer’s income would be negatively impacted, and many individuals employed in the agricultural labour may lose their jobs. This, in turn, has a significant impact on the lives of many people and their families. Many industries are scheming their way to extend their domains in agricultural plots since agricultural lands are attractive for buildings since they’re well-drained and have flat surfaces. This results in the privatization of agricultural areas. All these factors have a considerable negative impact on agriculture, affecting not only the economy and growth of our country, but also the livelihoods of many people across the country. The conversion rate of Agricultural Lands to Real Estate assets could cause a serious threat to food security, considering the parallel growth in population. We, at Greeniiac, are addressing all such unaddressed issues of Farmers and Fishermen, through our forums, and NGO groups.

A blog by Krithika M.

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