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Mobile number:             +91 8610352122

Mail id:                  

Operational address:    Sri Srinivasa Nagar, James street backside,                                                         Poonamallee, Chennai- 600056, Tamilnadu, India

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Greeniiac?

         Greeniiac is a platform for you to learn, share and report about farmers/fishers related problems. As there is no proper tool in today’s world to attend and reach out the suffering farmers, we are here to help them in need like, a friend in need is a friend indeed. No other websites offer exclusive attention to farmers/fishers but Greeniiac does. Let’s together empower the farming and fishing communities.

What's unique with Greeniiac's Magazine?

      Usually magazines are more time-consuming and too lengthy. Instead of stuffing up with unnecessary information, Greeniiac provides Comic visualized stories that are too short and do not consume much of your time in this busy running life. It contains random info, also current socio-economic problems faced by Farmers and Fishers, logical and innovative ideas to solve them respectively. Additionally, they’re straight to the concept, colourful, attractive and likeable, also to children below 12 years of age.

Can I contribute?

The answer to your question is absolutely Yes. You can let us know the problems faced by farmers/fishers that you encounter in your locality as soon as possible by posting the problem with details on our website. We’ll look into it and simultaneously notify the corresponding NGOs making sure to take action ASAP.

How to access Comics?

We update and release two editions of our magazine every month. To gain further access to our Magazines, you can contribute Rs. 12/edition. Check out the pricing plan in the magazine section.

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