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Mr.Nekram Sharma

Meet Mr.Nekram Sharma, a farmer from the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh

He decided to get rid of fertilizers and shifted to traditional practices. For this, he traveled and learned about the ancient farming techniques from elderly farmers through which he adopted Nau-Anaj, a mixed farming method of growing nine foodgrains on the same land.

Mr. Shakthi Vel

Meet Mr. Shakthi Vel, a 29-year-old fisherman from Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

He runs a Youtube channel, "Thoothukudi Meenavan'' to bring awareness about the fishers community, the problems faced by them, and their hard work. Recently, he collected funds for helping an old couple, who suffered from loss of income, through his video.

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Meet Mr.Ravichandran, a farmer from a village called, Poongulam in, Nannilam Taluk, Thiruvarur District, Tamilnadu

I have been farming since 1985. I had my primary and secondary education in my native place, in Tamil medium. Though I had flair for mathematics, I nurtured the ambition of taking up farming as my career option. Many of my peers discouraged me from staying back in the village, and for choosing farming. I was so stubborn and stood like a rock and refused to move even an inch from my decision to take up farming as my career. I wanted to break the general perception that farming is uneconomical and being a farmer is a social stigma and so on. Today when all my friends have retired, I am still active (I am 62 years young now).


"I am proud to be a farmer."

Mr. Rashpal Singh

Meet Mr. Rashpal Singh, from Jammu and Kashmir

He moved from cultivating wheat to organic strawberries and have earned a good profit. In March, Rashpal's crops started bearing flowers and fruits. Initially they sold their strawberries in Udhampur's fruits and vegetables mandis but for small price. Thereafter, he started to sell their fruits in attractive punnets directly to the travellers and tourists. Later , they setup a shop by the sides of Jammu - Srinagar National Highway and other link roads connecting District Headquarters. Within a span of 3 months, Rashpal earned around Rs 40,000 from the crops grown over a small land. The Kooh panchayat is planning to grow organic strawberries around 2 kanals of agricultural land. The Horticulture department helped five other strawberry farmers in Udhampur for purchasing punnets from private dealers.

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