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A Drift from Manpower to Technology in Agriculture

The art of agricultural workforce in India is a collection of the various skills that are required to be carried out by an individual who belongs to the farming community. The art of agricultural workforce in India includes all those activities that are related to agriculture, such as planting and harvesting crops, maintenance and improvement of land, animal husbandry etc. Agriculture is an art which has been practised for centuries by farmers, peasants and people who have to work on farms. Technological revolution in the agriculture sector is growing as the demand for Automation and digitalization for Farms.

With emerging sustainability in agricultural trends makes a remarkable turn towards smart farming and utilisation of resources efficiently . The innovation of the current day scenario in technological aspects of smart agriculture has Agri-Tech that includes Robotics , AI ,Drones, Regenerative Farming ,Internet of things (IoT) and many more. Development of interconnectivity devices which made automation more precise and got control over irrigation, fertiliser input and pesticide spraying possible. IoT is one of the main pillars of support to create smart agricultural systems, as it helps in the connectivity of different sensors to perform various basic tasks.

Smart irrigation includes those sensors for monitoring..

• Water level for irrigation

• Climate/weather forecasting

• Software which manages farms

• Monitoring and controlling Crop Irrigation .

The application of information technology in this modern era to provide, process and analyse the pattern of agricultural sector to develop the world through Technological Evolution.

We at Greeniiac are bringing recognition to these developments, and the un-noticed efforts of farmers, in giving life to the backbone of Indian Economy.

A blog by Kirti Priyanka R.

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TechieGen HQ
TechieGen HQ
Jun 04, 2022

Good one

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