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Dr. M.G.R Fisheries College and Research Institute, TNJFU (Ponneri Campus)

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Dr. M.G.R Fisheries College and Research Institute, TNJFU (Ponneri Campus) was established in the year 2013. Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. J. Jayalalitha declared it open on 20th February. TNJFU ranks 36th in India’s most admired Science / Technology Universities, 54th in India’s best Public Universities and 68th in India’s Top of 200 Universities. The Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc) degree programme is offered here with an intake of 60 students every year. This undergraduate bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete and is comprised of 8 semesters. Master’s and Ph.D are also offered. Mess and Hostel are attached.

The prestigious institute also provides the students with various departments like *the departments and their links*. Students are privileged with fully equipped sophisticated Lab facilities and an all-green, eco-friendly atmosphere. Good-looking, Well-mannered, Smart and talented staff are willing to reach out and help the students all-time. The most fruitful of all are the Events and Activities that cheerfully involve students requiring no qualification beyond interest. Events are numerous, almost conducted once a week on a regular basis. They are wide-open to opportunities and to expose your talents and skills. Courses are rare and modest involving applications in day-to-day life activities. Starting from basics and strengthening you towards the perfect finish, Courses are immense and interest-provoking.

The B.F.Sc degree programme is less theoretical but more practical, practical sessions often involving field trips and field visits to various Aquaculture Production Units that are far and also close by. Field trips bring you the benefit of knowledge and fun, playing the most part in your academic days. One Trip per week is guaranteed. Students are professionally taught in the path of discipline and good-manners. Since it’s more practical and thrilling, learning is made easier with fun. The most important of all these are examinations. Students write one Mid-term, attend one practical exam per semester. Like exams, 80% of attendance do play a major role. Vacations are benign. Classrooms are tidy and sufficiently ventilated to provide you the calm and serene environment so you can pay attention to the smart classes without difficulty.

Apart from these, the Institute also provides you with the common features of an Institute like Sports, Swimming, Meditation, Yoga and Physical Education considering the benefits of being fit and healthy. Also an all-time Internet surfing facility and a pleasant Library enabling students to explore their passion.

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